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Ema Mullalli Art 

My Art Work 

One of my greatest passions in life would be art. Capturing an image as I see it and being able to express myself on a canvas and create something I'd like to call art. I grew up in a small town in Albania. Since the age of 10 I've been fascinated with art or artists, this lead to me starting up my own sketches and purchasing canvases to express myself with. Shortly after this I decided to attend an art collage where my talent expanded and this eventually progressed to me continuing art for the rest of my life. I choose to take this path because repentantly found myself drawn to producing paintings. Art isn't just a painting on a canvas but something that is created with imagination and skill to express important ideas, feelings or powerful emotion. My goal in life is to keep being drawn to art and creating art that expresses emotion and love, so when you look at my art hopefully you can relate to the emotion I express.

first love

price : $699 ( framed) sizes :

91cm x 85cm

kiss by the sun

price : $ 666 ( framed ) sizes :

90cm x 60cm

wave portraits

myself in red

price : $ 999 sizes : 61cmx 46cm

ocean breeze

price : $ 999 ( framed ) size :

76.2cm x 91.4cm

deep love

price: $699 size :

90cm x 60cm

moon light

price : $ 799 size : 776cm x 122cm

The power of love

$999 Size : 76cm x 122cm


Price : $659 Size : 90cm x 60cm

Passion 2

Price: $ 699 Size : 72.2 x 91.4cm

Wild Beauty

price : $4,999 the price depends on the size of the wall

Crashing waves

Price : $299 Size : 50cm x 70cm

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Ema Mullalli Art

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- Water colour

- Murals

- Drawings

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